In the Woodshed with Kate Dimbleby

#8 Live from my Woodshed with writer Cathy Rentzenbrink

March 20, 2021

"Try to enjoy the Process"

I invited the wonderful writer and writing mentor Cathy Rentzenbrink into my Woodshed and the sound failed. 

This meant that I could hear Cathy but she and the audience couldn't hear me.  So she was alone. With occasional interjections from me on the live chat.

Like a true pro, she carried on talking in this very special episode, a writer alone in the woodshed reflecting on writing, creativity and how fear blocks us.

Thank you Cathy for embodying what this show is about.  Making it up, improvising even when no-one is listening without worrying about feedback from the audience, and just letting it flow.

Cathy talks about "writing what the heart longs for" and how you can't ever know at the beginning of a creative project what things are going to turn into.  "I have to follow my nose and trust"

This is the art of improvising in action - Cathy's authenticity - communicating, leaving space for silence and letting herself reflect in real time.  As well as a poignant observation of the loneliness of the pandemic.

"I feel so moved by the existence of other human beings.  I want to reach through the screen and stroke their faces"

Do listen and enjoy.



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