In the Woodshed with Kate Dimbleby

#9 Conversation with singer/filmmaker Roxana Vilk

April 1, 2021
"At the top of the mountain, I will meet you my friend, and together we will deal with the pain in our heart"
So happy to be able to share this conversation I had with artist and singer Roxana Vilk 3 years ago.  I hadn't managed to edit it or find a place for it to go but after the wonderful spontaneous episode last week with Cathy Rentzenbrink, it felt like the right time.
Roxana sings and talks about finding her voice working with children affected by the war in Bosnia, music as healer and the ways in which creativity helps to express the inter-generational trauma of war.
Listen to the end to hear an spine-tingling acapella rendition of the Iranian folk song that started Roxana on her journey into music.

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